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     Never had a bad experience with BecontreeHeathCarpetCleaners and they've been doing regular domestic cleaning for me for over a year now.
Rachel Daniels22/01/2018
     BecontreeHeathCarpetCleaners's cleaners are the best I've ever seen. Each one was capable of handling my clean fully and did so in record time. Each one worked hard and was respectful of my home. A five star service with five star cleaners.
Tom Wade 24/09/2015
     I've always used professional cleaning companies but I was becoming less and less impressed with the work my old company did. I decided to try a different service provider and chose BecontreeHeathCarpetCleaners after reading about them online. Their regular home cleaning service is very affordable and also very professional, and they clean my home to a much higher standard than my last company. Every area of my home is scrubbed clean and I couldn't be happier!
Darnel H.29/01/2015
     BecontreeHeathCarpetCleaners did a brilliant job for me when they came to clean my flat after a recent party. They were able to get everything cleared up, all rubbish thrown away, and all the floor areas and surfaces cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant. The cleaners were able to clean one of the walls which had had a drink spilled over it and they dealt with the carpet cleaning in the living room - they brought everything with them to do all kinds of cleaning and got it all done in a single afternoon. The work they did was fantastic and I highly recommend them!
     My home is very important to me, so I expect only the best! My family is fairly large, so keeping it tidy is far from easy going. So to keep things in check, I got in touch with BecontreeHeathCarpetCleaners. I have certain standards to uphold, being the head of the house, and they more than met them. Their cleaners handled everything well and were easy to talk to over a cup of tea! Their good work made our crowded family home look like we'd just bought it! If you want a cleaner that you can trust, I'd definitely recommend them. We've already got another visit scheduled!
K. Jason29/08/2014
     I was so impressed with the cleaning work I have just had done in my home by BecontreeHeathCarpetCleaners. I was given the name and number by a friend who had also been satisfied with the company. This company couldn't do enough from the first contact with the customer service to the actual cleaners who did the work. The service I had was excellent and done to a high standard. The cleaners were polite and did a competent job in my house. They worked extremely hard polishing, scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming throughout. The results were fabulous and the place looked immaculate and unbelievable clean.
Charley Knicks24/07/2014

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